Return, Cancellation and Refund Policy

A buyer is entitled to cancel an order placed or return the original product, within the time limit prescribed the company.

A) Buyer Cancellation

In case, the buyer has placed an order and the full amount has already been paid by the buyer, and the buyer cancels the order before the shipment of the product by the vendor, the full amount is refunded to the buyer. Even the tax is automatically reversed. The vendor immediately should reimburse the full amount to the company within 3 to 4 business days from the day of receiving intimation from the company.

The same principle is applicable if the buyer cancels the order when the product has already been shipped by the vendor and the product is Return to Origin.

B) Vendor Cancellation

If the vendor cancels any order before shipment; this will attract fees deductible from the vendor.  The simple cause is such cancellation from vendor, not only hampers the reputation of the portal, also the buyer will lose confidence in as well as its authorized vendors.

If the cancellation of the product is made before shipment, the commission fees, as well as allied taxes are charged from the vendor.  In addition, the product cancelled, will be delisted on the portal for a week.

If the pickup is not done successfully from the vendor, even after three attempts, the company will consider it as a cancellation of the order. Since the fault is on the part of the vendor on non delivery of the product, the vendor will be charged a cancellation fee in addition to related taxes, at a rate higher, than the charge for cancellation before shipment. However, the vendor cannot cancel such a product from the system himself.

In both the cases, the vendor will be liable to reimburse the total amount already paid by the buyer, within 3 to 4 business days from the day of the cancellation of the order to the company.

If the vendor fails to comply any of the guidelines regarding refund, the vendor’s account will be deactivated and all the products by the vendor will be delisted on the portal, for time period of 15 days.