About Us for Vendor

About us for Vendors

edu-yours.com is an e-reading platform, that provides digital PDFs and hard copies to students, teachers, and other reading enthusiasts. As of now, chapters and study materials only for the academic degree level are being provided. However, the scope shall expand with time. It is to be noted that, the site hosts only the standard pdf versions of academic books. Then again, on the other hand, hard copies of story books for all by reputed writers and publishers also occupy a segment of this e-reading site.
The motive is to connect college students and teachers to renowned publishers for promoting the academic outcome. In addition, sellers also benefit from the platform by earning a profit from the higher number of sales. Besides, other miscellaneous benefits from both readers’ and sellers’ end are definite. For instance, bilateral issues related to transport, location, finances, book promotion, etc. all of which are mitigated.
However, for the promotion purpose of good content and books which often go unnoticed, the corresponding study materials are slightly rated below the nominal market price. By this, the selling count rises and sellers are benefitted.
By and large, edu-yours.com provides a platform to publishers for enhancing their publicity & sales. The company’s marketing expertise can develop the latest concepts to ensure a book’s publicity and demand.