1) vendors should provide the cover photo of their book by via our email to our Official Email address provided by us.

2) Vendors should provide the pricing of each book in both soft and hard copy.

3) The number of pages of each book should be clearly mentioned by the vendors.

4) No vendor can claim any copyright on us till the time period of the contract exists between both the party.

5) Vendors will be provided with CRM.

6) After each sale of subscription package , vendors will be intimated with Invoice of Sale and Payment Receipt.

7) We will make the respective payment within 3 to 5 days from date of sale directly to the particular bank account that has been provided by the vendors.

8) Vendors should clearly provide a small description of the book containing details like ,the name of writer, the subject matter of the book, from semester the book will be introduced and a little summary of the entire content of the book.

9)To increase transparency and mutual trust between both the parties, each payment and subscription will be clearly updated in CRM.

10) Vendor should give importance on improving the quality of content of the book before each semester. The content should be prepared in a student friendly manner.
If the vendor fails to qualify the above mentioned clause , we can cancel the agreement with the vendor at any time.

11) To sell the hard copy ,vendor should provide the picture of the front page of the book and all details in pdf format attached in the CRM.

12) Vendors are strictly prohibited from publishing the book in any other digital platform during the entire period of the existing contract.

13) Vendors will be given permission to access only their respective CRM.

14) The details of transaction and payment will be handled by the bank. It will be updated in CRM .
Neither the vendor can raise any question on the company in this regard, nor can ask to show the bank statements in any circumstances.

15) Each book should be verified by any respective professor of that particular subject and the vendor should submit a proper authentication of the same before hand to the company.

16) In case of any query the vendor can contact the support via chat or official email.

17) Registration is free. So, listing yourself as a vendor is absolutely free on

The vendor only needs to list the catalog and can start selling.

18) The company will also provide marketing assistance to the vendor with our own marketing expertise.